ATHLETE PROFILE - Kamylle Frenette - Paratriathlon



Kamylle Frenette - Paratriathlon

Here are comments from Kamylle and her journey to date!

"Growing up, I always followed my father in his triathlons. Having already had a "background" of racing, I eventually decided to start training and competing in local triathlons at the age of 17. It was only a few years later that the coach of the National Paratriathlon team, Carolyn Murray, contacted me to introduce me to this new adventure. After a series of tests, I was classified in the PTS5 category and I started competing internationally in 2018.

Being relatively new to the paratriathlon, I have only had the chance to compete in 2 seasons to date. There are several competitions that I'm proud of, but I'd say the one I'm most proud of is my first world championship in Gold Coast in September 2018. The swim was great, but during the bike ride I fell and unfortunately broke a bone in my arm. At the time, I didn't think I had broken a bone so I continued the race to finish in 4th position. For me, this day was a bit like a "statement": I know that no matter what happens, no matter if I have a bad day or a good day, I will always finish my triathlon with the strength I have left.

My next big goal is without a doubt the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games!"