COACH PROFILE - Ryan Allen - Para Swimming


A great profile on how Ryan is involved and what he wants to achieve as a coach!
1)The first year you started as a coach? What team/athlete and sports?
I started coaching in September 2007.
Codiac Vikings Aquatic Club - Swimming
2) How did you get involved as a coach?
As an athlete with the team at the time, I was invited by the Head Coach to start working with an incoming para-Swimming who was new to our club. This experience evolved through time and exposed me to the joys of coaching.
3) What team/athlete and sport that you currently coach?
I am currently the Head Coach of the Club de Natation Bleu et Or (swimming) here in the Greater Moncton Area.
4) What do you love about the sport that you are coaching?
Swimming is an extremely inclusive sport that offers opportunities for “success” no matter what your specific background or goals look like. While we operate as a team, every individual is able to pursue their own path while having the support of teammates around them.
5) What goals would you like to achieve as a coach?
I have been fortunate enough already to achieve “success” as a coach through working with our national team system and having the opportunity as a staff member at various international events. My goal is to help establish a culture of excellence and growth here in our region and province to help all athletes pursue greater heights. I believe that some of the biggest work remains to be made in our organizational structures, and I am confident that we are collectively on the right paths!
6) The best life lesson your sport taught you?
How to pick just one?! I would say the value of collaboration. Collaboration between athletes, coaches, parents/families, and anyone else involved in the sporting journey!
#thankscoach for everything you do!!