COACH PROFILE - Sabrina Durepos - Wheelchair Basketball


1) The first year you started as a coach? What team?
I started as a coach with a mini team from the Montreal Civa. It had been a long time since there was a mini program in the region so me and 3 other coach friends decided to start a program.
We were called mini-tornadoes, the program still exists to this day.
I had the opportunity to follow the achievements of several athletes who started with the mini tornadoes.
I left the program in 2004 to come and live in New Brunswick. In fact, as a coach I competed against several of them.
2) Why did you get involved as a coach? I really like to share what I have learned along my journey with others and especially young people. I love giving them experiences like I have had the opportunity to live.
3) What do you love about wheelchair basketball? There are several things that I love that are hard to choose.
I like that it is an integrated and inclusive sport. That participants with and without disabilities have the opportunity to play.
It’s one of the best team sports I know. All players have a role to play and the goal is to create synergy and chemistry between players.
I love it when I teach and you see in an athlete's face the pride of having achieved something new.
I love the friendships and acquaintances that are made in the wheelchair basketball community. Several friends across Canada.
4) The teams that you currently train?
I created a program focused on learning the basics of wheelchair basketball called P506, so before Covid-19 I was offering one session a week for newbies who wanted to learn while having fun.
I have been the Canada Games program coach since the 2015 games.
I’m also one of the assistant coaches for the Canadian women’s team preparing for Tokyo 2021.
5) What goals would you like to achieve as a coach?
I never had great aspirations to be a coach, I just wanted to help others discover and learn a sport that I love today.
My goal is to help others achieve their goals, their potentials, their aspirations.
I would like to help the Canadian team reach the top step of the podium at the Paralympics in Tokyo and experience this unique moment.
I would like to bring a medal to New Brunswick at the Canada Games one day.
6) The best life lesson basketball taught you?
There are many, perseverance, determination, the importance of communication, setting short, medium and long term goals and doing everything possible to achieve them. There are two expressions that I like and use often: Focus on the process, the result will take care of itself. Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest. This one is always easier said than done for me.
Thank you for your dedication to wheelchair basketball!!