COACH PROFILE - Pierre-Alexandre Hébert - Wheelchair Tennis


This is an interview with a mother on how crucial Pierre-Alexandre’s coaching is for her son!
1. What does your child’s coach do that makes them a great coach?
P-A has a way of making Jordan focus on his progress so much in a way that when he gives him pointers or ways to improve it’s taken very well by Jordan as he does not feel less of a player but a more powerful one with his instructions.
2. Write a memory/story about your child’s coach.
Jordan and P-A were playing around by just rallying the ball to see how many hits they could reach. It was so much fun to watch as they kept increasing they’re record. They finished with I believe was 21. P-A told Jordan, next time we’ll reach 22 or 23 maybe. Jordan replied “30!”. Haha
3. Pick three words that describe your child’s coach.
Explain why you chose each word.
1- Friendly - Always smiling and talkative. He has a way of just making everyone smile and happy to be part of his sessions.
2- Funny - He likes to joke and laugh that is always a good addition to a intense session. Laughter is important always!
3- Innovative - Training Jordan in a wheelchair has been so easy, at least he made it seem easy, because of his innovative thinking. Some techniques work well with some while you have to tweak things to make it work for others. P-A does this without even realizing I’m sure.
4. What is something that reminds you of your child’s coach?
"Ah boy!" It’s what he says to Jordan at every good hit!
"I want to thank P-A for his amazing dedication he has showed towards Jordan and the sport. With his persistence and amazing training, Jordan has come to love the sport on a whole different level. Just since this summer, Jordan is more motivated, driven and more importantly confident about his game. Jordan has been beginning to think of the possibility of playing to the top! P-A has given him goals! And not to mention a friend!"