The Wheelchair Basketball Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model presents the rationale and basic guidelines for promoting the sport and developing our athletes at the initiation, developmental, competitive and elite levels in Canada. Through logical training, competition and recovery programs that focus on the needs of athletes at every stage of maturation and development, the LTAD model is designed to achieve Wheelchair Basketball Canada's long-term vision to become the world leader in wheelchair basketball.

The Wheelchair Basketball Athlete Development Model is a key resource describing the right things wheelchair basketball athletes need to do at specific ages and stages in order to fully develop and reach their potential for better sport, greater health, and higher achievement.

With the input of sport scientists and coaches from across the country Wheelchair Basketball Canada has outlined a long-term athlete pathway and guideline for training and competition to show coaches, parents, volunteers, and administrators at the local, provincial, and national levels the importance of systematic and consistent approach to the development of wheelchair basketball athletes, while recognizing the importance of recreational and non-elite participation (Wheelchair Basketball Canada, 2014).

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