Danielle DuPlessis Paralympian Wheelchair Basketball


What does it feel like to be representing your country at the Paralympic Games?

I am so excited to be going to the Paralympic games! Mostly I am proud of myself and my teammates for the hard work we have done to get here. Simultaneously, I want to acknowledge that as a Nation, Canada has long way to go. It is somewhat bittersweet to wear the Maple Leaf in light of Canada’s past and present treatment of Indigenous Peoples.

Other than being named to Team Canada, what is your proudest moment so far?

Outside of being named to team Canada, I am most proud of myself for finishing my Master’s degree this summer! I have been working towards an M.Sc in Cognitive Rehabilitation at the University of Toronto for the past two years, and will graduate in October.

Who is your favorite sports hero?

My sports hero right now is Maya Moore, for her basketball talents but mostly for using her platform to advocate for others.

What are you most looking forward to at the Paralympic Games?

I am most looking forward to supporting my teammates and pushing hard!

Are you superstitious? How do you like to prepare the day of your event?

I am not very superstitious-- for the most part, before every game I listen to music and reflect on my goals for day. At tournaments I also braid my teammates’ hair before games! There’s usually enough going on that I don’t have time for any long rituals or to be nervous before we get on court.

What is the one thing that you are bringing with you in Tokyo?

I like to bring a big jar of peanut butter to tournaments, so I always have something to snack on—especially comes in handy if the food selection is iffy.

Quick Facts

Favorite Food: Doritos

Favorite Movie/Show: 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite Band/Artist: Anything 70’s

Favorite pump up, pregame song: Whatever Kady has playing on our speaker (she’s in charge of the team playlist!)

Activities in spare time/Other Interest outside of your sport: Camping