Quick Rules

Wheelchair Rugby is played on a regulation hardwood basketball court that is marked by boundary lines, a center line, a centre circle and two key areas.

The game is played with a standard volleyball.

A team consists of up to 12 players. Teams are mixed; men and women can play on the same team. All players must have functional impairment in at least three limbs.

To ensure fairness, all players have a classification (a measure of their functional physical ability), which ranges from 0.5 (least function) to 3.5 (most function). Players with different classifications play different roles on the court.

Each team fields four players at one time. These players must add up to 8.0 classification points per team.

The game consists of four eight-minute quarters. There is a two-minute break after the first and third quarters and a five-minute break at halftime.

A goal is scored when a player carries the ball across the opposing team's goal line. Two wheels of the player's wheelchair must cross the line and the player must be in possession of the ball.

After a goal or stoppage of play, the player has 10 seconds to inbound the ball.

Each team has four time-outs of 30 seconds each, which may be used during the four quarters of regulation play and may be called by players on the floor, and two one-minute bench time outs that can be called by the coach.

If the score is tied, an overtime period of three minutes will be played. Additional overtime periods can be played until one team wins.


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