COACH PROFILE - Stacey Charlton - Para Can Skate


1) The first year you started as a coach? What team/athlete and sports?
The first year I started coaching was 2008 so I am in my 13 year. I teach figure skating, learn to skate program, Sledge programs and Special Olympics.
2) Why did you get involved as a coach?
I got involved many years ago because: first and foremost I loved the sport and second there was a need for coaching in our club.
3) What do you love about the sport that you are coaching?
The children that I teach is why I love the sport. I love seeing their faces when they accomplish a goal they have been struggling on. I love watching them develop as people, and I get to be a part of the children's lives from when I first meet them into their adulthood and beyond. I love watching them develop as athletes from the first day struggles to the development at the end and hopefully be a positive influence that they may want to step into my place one day and coach with the same passion and love that I do. I love being a confidant, and shoulder to cry on or lean on, a friendly face when needed. I love pushing them to succeed, and watching them do so.
4) The team/athlete and sport that you currently coach?
I coach sledge, special Olympics, Starskate, and Canskate programs
5) What goals would you like to achieve as a coach?
Personal Goals I have achieved quite a few over the years - so my next goal I would like to achieve is my next level of certification in coaching which I am currently working on and then work on being an official to still be involved in the sport when I finally decide to retire – whenever that will be.
6) The best life lesson your sport taught you?
Life lesson is any easy one for everyone - “If you have a dream all you have to do is try” the dream may be small or big but if you do not even dream of it, then you will not think it is achievable.
#thankscoach for everything that you do for your athletes!!